Corporate & Securities Counsel to the Legal Cannabis Industry

We believe in getting your deal done, and getting it done right.

About Us

Sophisticated Corporate & Securities Law Expertise

Over 30 years experience counseling emerging growth, middle market and public companies.

Extensive Cannabis Industry Knowledge & Experience

We know YOUR business and the special challenges we face in state-legal cannabis businesses.

Problem Solvers

We solve your problems, help you meet your challenges and achieve your goals.

We help you achieve your goals. We provide everything a business needs:

  • Choosing an entity, optimal formation & corporate structure for cannabis companies
  • Cannabis-tailored financing: venture capital, private placements, public offerings & all types of debt
  • Mergers & acquisitions of all types of cannabis companies
  • Partnership, stockholder and operating agreements
  • Employment, non-competition, stock option, restricted stock and phantom equity agreements
  • License, distribution, supply, joint venture and other commercial agreements
  • IPOs & Going Public
  • SEC reporting
  • Cannabis Investment Funds
  • OTCQX Sponsor

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Kaufman & Associates LLC

New York. Hauppauge. Los Angeles.

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